Approach to Therapy

Dr. Elizabeth Cohen provides a comprehensive holistic Cognitive Behavioral approach for clients. Dr. Cohen always considers how thoughts and behaviors impact the choices we make. Her goal is to help develop and enhance tools for clients to feel more mastery in their lives.

Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy involves jointly setting treatment goals and weekly agendas, and discussing the techniques to be used as part of the treatment. There are many different cognitive and behavioral techniques that may be helpful in dealing with the problems that you hope to address. Some of the CBT tools used are listed below:

Tools include:

Cognitive work

Behavioral exposure

Exposure and response prevention

Problem solving

Perspective taking

Role playing

Interpersonal effectiveness

Mindfulness skills

Acceptance of emotions

Self compassion

Collaborating with other mental health providers and family members

Though widely considered one of New York City’s experts in CBT theory and techniques, Dr. Cohen believes strongly that client presentation and diagnosis dictate treatment, and that effective clinical work necessitates flexibility, as well as comfort with a range of therapeutic approaches.  For this reason, Dr. Cohen has participated in ongoing professional trainings (e.g., Acceptance and Mindfulness Therapy, Chair Work, Dialectical Behavior Therapy), and recently completed several years of supervision with a psychodynamic psychologist.  Most recently, Dr. Cohen designed and presented a workshop on mindfulness for elementary school children.