Dr. Cohen graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BA in Clinical Psychology from Tufts University. After receiving her degree she worked at the New York State Psychiatric Institute for Dr. Daniel Pine, currently a Senior Investigator of pediatric mood and anxiety disorders at the National Institutes of Health.

 Dr. Cohen went on to receive her PhD in clinical psychology from Boston University,  where she was trained by Dr. David Barlow, considered by many to be a founding father of CBT.  As part of her graduate training, she treated clients at the world-renowned Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders in Boston, MA.

Dr. Cohen was the recipient of the prestigious American Psychological Foundation Research Award for her doctoral research examining the effects of the September 11th terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on the development and course of post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms in children.

Following her time at BU, Dr. Cohen completed her pre-doctoral internship at Bellevue Hospital Center and the New York University Child Study Center.  After completing her training, she was asked to become the Director of the CBT program at Bellevue’s Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic. 

Since launching her private practice in 2004, Dr. Cohen has not only provided direct treatment, but has also  supervised numerous licensed psychologists, doctoral candidates, and psychiatric residents, as well as conducted multiple CBT workshops for schools and families.